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Installing C3C

You can use one of the precompiled binaries or build the compiler from source.

Prebuilt binaries

Installing on Windows

  1. Download the zip file: stable debug

  2. Unzip it into a folder

  3. If you don’t have Visual Studio 17 installed you can either install it or follow the next two steps.

  4. Run the Python script which will download the necessary files to compile on Windows.

optional: set c3c as a global enviornment variable

  1. copy the folder
  2. navigate to C:\Program Files
  3. paste the folder here
  4. navigate inside the folder you’ve pasted
  5. copy the path of the folder
  6. search for “edit the system environment variables” on your computer
  7. click on the “environment variables” button on the bottom right
  8. under “user variables” double click on “path”
  9. click on “new” and paste the path to the folder
  10. run c3c on anywhere in your computer!
Terminal window
c3c compile ./hello.c3

Installing on Debian

  1. Download tar file: (debug version here)
  2. Unpack executable and standard lib.
  3. Run ./c3c.

Installing on Mac

  1. Make sure you have XCode with command line tools installed.
  2. Download the zip file: (debug version here)
  3. Unzip executable and standard lib.
  4. Run ./c3c.

Installing on Arch Linux

There is an AUR package for the c3c compiler : c3c-git.

Due to some issues with the LLVM packaged for Arch Linux, the AUR package will download and use LLVM 16 for Ubuntu-23.04 to compile the c3c compiler.

You can use your AUR package manager:

Terminal window
paru -S c3c-git
# or yay -S c3c-git
# or aura -A c3c-git

Or clone it manually:

Terminal window
git clone
cd c3c-git
makepkg -si