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Project Structure

Customizing A Project

A new project is provided with a barebone structure in project.json:

"version": "0.1.0",
"authors": [
"John Doe <[email protected]>"
"langrev": "1",
"warnings": [ "no-unused" ],
// sources compiled
"sources": [ "./**" ],
// directories where C3 library files may be found
"dependency-search-paths": [ "lib" ],
// libraries to use
"dependencies": [],
// c compiler
"cc": "cc",
// c sources
"c-sources": [ "./c-source/**" ],
"targets": {
"hello_world": {
"type": "executable"

By default, an executable in assumed, but changing the type to "static-lib" or "dynamic-lib" creates static library and dynamic library targets respectively.

This part will be updated, stay tuned

Compilation options

The project file contains common settings at the top level, that can be overridden by each target, by simply assigning that particular key. So if the top level defines target to be macos-x64 and the actual target defines it to be windows-x64, then the windows-x64 will be used for compilation.

Similarly, compiler command line parameters can be used in turn to override the target setting.


The list of targets that can be built.


List of C3 libraries (“.c3l”) to use when compiling the target.


List of source files to compile.


C compiler to use for compiling C sources (if C sources are compiled together with C3 files).


List of C sources to compile.


Not handled yet

Version for library, will also be provided as a compile time constant.


Not handled yet

List of authors to add for library compilation.


Not handled yet

The language revision to use.


Not added yet

Under the config you define external constants (“key: value”) that will be included in compilation as if they were global macro constants.


Not added yet Define the list of modules to be exported by a library. Not valid for executables.


Not completely supported yet List of warnings to enable during compilation.

Target options


This mandatory option should be one of “executable”, “dynamic-lib” and “static-lib”.

More types will be added

Using environment variables

Not supported yet In addition to constants any values starting with ”$” will be assumed to be environment variables.

For example “$HOME” would on unix systems return the home directory. For strings that start with $ but should not be interpreted as an environment variable. For example, the string "\$HOME" would be interpreted as the plain string “$HOME”