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Your First Project

Starting out with C3, you probably want to get a feel for the language, without using the integrated build system.

Open a text editor and enter the following in a file you call hello_world.c3:

module hello_world;
import std::io;
fn int main(String[] argv)
io::printn("Hello World!");
return 0;

Now in the terminal type:

$ c3c compile hello_world.c3
$ ./hello_world
Hello World

A real project

Once you go beyond simple files, you want to create a real project. Do so by entering c3c init hello_world.

You will get the following structure:

$ c3c init hello_world
$ tree .
└── hello_world
├── project.json
├── build
├── docs
├── lib
├── resources
├── src
│ └── main.c3
└── test

Enter main.c3 and write the same code as above, then anywhere in the project structure:

$ c3c run
Hello World